The Future of Digital
Student Data Portability

CDSL National Academic Depository

P.S. Reddy, Managing Director & CEO

Established in 2010, signed the Groningen Declaration in May 2015.

P. J. Towers, 16th Floor, Dalal Street,
Mumbai – 400001., Maharashtra, India

General information:
NAD is an eco-system which provides for creation of electronic records of academic awards for Academic Institutions and verification services to its participants. Currently, it is being adopted on voluntary basis by Educational Institutes.

Chief contact person:
P S Reddy, Managing Director & CEO

Year from which student data can be digitally retrieved:

Educational sectors represented in depository:
Secondary Tertiary Education

Current number of student data registrations:

Annual increase of registered student data:

Number of consultations of student data:

NAD showcased pilot to the Groningen Declaration network:

C-NAD best practice: Convenient Dependable Secure

2014: Prateek Mohan – C-NAD Pilot Update