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Felles Studentsystem

FSĀ Consortium (Samarbeidstiltaket FS) was established in 1999, based on an agreement between cooperating institutions with the goal to develop, maintain and operate the study administrative system FS.

FS Consortium yearly allocates funding of about 20 man-years for development and 3.5 man-years for the FS Secretariat. All development of FS is subcontracted by the University of Oslo through USIT. The FS Consortium currently has a close and well-functioning cooperation with USIT and is dependent on such cooperation to be able to manage the system in a sustainable manner and to deliver a good product.

FS Consortium will in 2014 assume UNINETT's role as customer representative for USIT and thereby become the sole supplier for FS institutions who wish to have a contract of operation. This means that an institution will enter a contract with the FS Consortium for both the FS system and its maintenance and operation.

Norway Geir VangenĀ  FS-Student-Management-System
The Student Management System FS